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Golf Tips for Left Handed Golfers

Golf Tips for Left Handed Golfers

Finding golf tips for left handed golfers can feel like digging for gold. Thousands of articles and web pages are devoted to right handed golfers, but lefties often seem to be left out of the loop. We’ve compiled some simple but effective golf tips for left handed golfers who are brand-new to the game.

The mechanics of a good golf swing are generally the same no matter which side you prefer. Once you have mastered the fundamentals of the game, you can start moving into the more advanced aspects.

As a new player, one of the most important golf tips for left handed golfers is to keep your head down throughout the entire swing. This applies to righties, too. Lifting the head to see where the ball is going is probably the most common mistake made by new players

The second mistake made most often by new players is not allowing the body and hips to rotate fully as they come through the ball and into their follow through. As a lefty, you should rotate to the right as fully as possible to power your swing, leading with the right hip with your hands following. This is a key element to solid hitting.

It is also important to lead your swing with your right hand, but finish with your left. In other words, the power of your dominant hand, along with the power of your dominant side, should combine to drive through the ball at contact.

One of the most important golf tips for left handed golfers is to try to end your swing with a complete follow through that leaves you on the balls of your feet. You do not want to end flat-footed or on your heels. When you end your swing on the balls of your feet, you know that your hips made the full rotation needed for maximum power.

No article on golf tips for left handed golfers would be complete without a few words on course management.

As you play more courses, you may begin to notice that most have holes that veer left to right. These are called dogleg holes. In order to play them effectively, you must learn to perform a draw shot. This shot makes the ball curve, under control, to the right (it curves to the left for right handed players).

Most of the material you’ll find on hitting a draw is written for righties, so make sure you reverse the instructions and take the time to practice them. This is one shot that will serve you well for years to come.

Finally, it should be noted that many lefties use the wrong clubs. While there is nothing inherently wrong with using clubs designed for right handed players, you will never play to your full potential until you get a set of left handed clubs. You can find clubs—in sporting stores and online—to meet your individual needs.

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