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How to Break 80

How to Break 80

Have you been wondering how to break 80? Experienced, dedicated golfers often get to a point where this becomes the magic—and elusive—number. Ask 20 expert golfers how to break 80, and you will probably get 20 different answers. Below, we’ll explore just one of those solutions.

During a typical round of golf, a player will make a variety of shots, from driving to putting and everything in between. To learn how to break 80, you must master your tee shots. For the purposes of this article, tee shots are taken off the tee area with any club, from the driver to the pitching wedge.

One of the main reasons many golfers fail to reach this magic number is that they lose too many strokes off the tee.

Consider this: It only takes a few wayward tee shots to ruin your overall score. A hard slice into the deep woods only sets you up for a likely bogey at the end of that hole. If you want to learn to break 80, you have to become very proficient with all of your tee shots.

Another aspect of mastering your tee shots is achieving controlled distance. This is what sets you up for possible eagles on par 5 holes, and for birdies on all other holes, giving you the scores you need to play consistently in the mid- to high-70’s.

Here are a few tips for maximizing your tee shots:

Dedicate some quality time to practicing your tee shots. Experiment to discover exactly what works for you, keeping in mind that you may end up with a small arsenal of new tee shots.

Spend time using various tee heights. Start with the tee set high, then medium, and finally low. A low tee will help you get some added control.

Another tip for breaking 80 is to experiment with the various grip levels on the club. Lowering your hands on the shaft is a good way to gain some added control and allows for faster adjustments during the swing.

Begin a practice routine with all of your tee clubs, including those you would use on a short par-3. It is important that you are able to hit off the tee with any club that is suitable for the distance ahead of you, including your pitching wedge.

Many golfers who are learning how to break 80 will move up to the bigger 460 cc drivers. This is fine, but keep in mind that mastering these heavier clubs requires time on the practice range.

Remember, the key here is not just added distance off the tee, but also consistent control. When trying to learn how to break 80, a long hit off the tee means nothing if the ball ends up in a trouble spot that costs you strokes. It is better to sacrifice distance than control.

Give yourself plenty of time to learn these new methods of hitting off the tee. It won’t happen overnight, but with patience and diligence, you will begin to bring your score down, round by round. Before too long, you won’t need to know how to break 80, because you’ll be doing it!

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